Ann Cummings and Talman Welle perform Ligeti's duet

Funf Stucke

I. Indulo/March (1942)

II. Polifon etud/Polyphonic Etude (1943)

Allegro comodo

III. Harom lakodalmi tanc/Three Wedding Dances (1950)

1. A kapuban a szeker/The Cart is at the Gate


2. Hopp ide tisztan/Quickly come here pretty


3. Csango forgos/Circling Dance


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New album available!

Recording this CD has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. After a year of hard work including countless hours of practice, multiple performances around the Puget Sound and weeks of perfecting with an audio engineer, my first album in 5 years is finally ready!

Moussorgsky's Pictures At An Exhibition , performed by pianist Talman Welle

Moussorgsky's Pictures At An Exhibition, performed by pianist Talman Welle

Please take a moment to listen to this labor of love. I am very proud of this accomplishment which has been a dream of mine to achieve for a long time. Anything can be achieved with enough practice, patience and perseverance.