Talman Welle Piano Studio
1908 Clise Place W.
Seattle, WA 98119

Tuition is $180 per month for 4 half our lessons.

The Annual Recital tuition is $75.00 per student, due by September 30th. Prompt payment of tuition is appreciated.

After the 10th of each month, there will be a $25.00 late fee assessed.


Make-up Lessons

I do not give make-up lessons. I have a large studio of students on both sides of the Sound. I teach at Olympic College (Kitsap Peninsula), perform, record, judge and prepare for lessons. With this schedule, make-up lessons are not feasible.

These professional activities make me a better teacher and are part of the quality of lessons for which you are paying. In addition, I possess both a Bachelor and Master of Music degree in Piano Performance, am state and nationally accredited through MTNA and WSMTA, and keep a busy performance schedule. I teach all styles of music as well as theory, history, jazz and composition. You are also paying for the time I keep open for you, so it is to your advantage to show up for lessons. If you do have to miss a lesson, please try to give me 24 hours notice.

Curriculum and Practice

Students are expected to purchase their own music in a reasonable period of time.

Students must practice on a regular basis. Beginning students should practice 20-30 minutes minimum, five days per week. First and second year students should practice 40 minutes, five days per week. After 2 years of study, practice will be determined on an individual basis. Practice should be consistent and concentrated. Parents of younger children should try to monitor practice in a positive manner and I encourage parents to sit with their child at least once per week. Please avoid parental instruction, as confusion can result. This is why you are paying me. Parents may ask me anything they do not understand at the following lesson. If real effort is taking place, real learning can take place. Please let me know of any special problems or circumstances that may occur in your child's life, this helps me to better be prepared to help them.

Piano Auditions and Recitals

It is an honor to be asked by your teacher to participate in State of National Guild Piano Auditions. These are very important learning experiences. Parental support for these activities is greatly encouraged.

During the Recital week, there are no lessons. These events take an incredible amount of preparation time and serve as an important part of the learning process. They are a learning lesson. Recitals are in January and June.

Summer Lessons and Vacations

I do teach through the summer in the months of July and August. School year lessons run September through June. Lessons are pro-rated through these months so that you can pay the same amount each month regardless of how many weeks are in the month. It averages out. Vacations are two weeks and Christmas, one week at spring break, the first week in April, one week at the end of June and one week before Labor Day. The only Monday holidays are Labor Day and Memorial Day. Thanksgiving and the Friday after are also holidays. I take one paid vacation week per year.

Lesson Termination

Thirty days notice upon quitting is greatly appreciated. After a trial period, a six month commitment of new students is expected, if this is a problem, please let me know.

For questions or comments, the best time to reach me is in the evening around 9:00 p.m. or in the late morning. I return calls promptly. Kitsap students may also reach me Tuesday through Thursday on my cell phone, (206) 850-8530.

Thank you,

Talman Welle

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